Proactive defense for web3 wallets

The State of Web3 User Security, a joint study by WalletConnect and Blowfish

To make web3 safer for all, WalletConnect and Blowfish have joined forces to help wallets protect their users against scams, fraud, and hacks. WalletConnect’s Verify API is a security solution that helps wallet users identify malicious domains, and it does so by leveraging its domain registry and Blowfish'

Product Update: What’s new & what’s coming in Q4

Blowfish helps 25+ wallets protect their users against scams, hacks, & mistakes across 10 blockchains. Blowfish has recently expanded the scope of it’s security platform, started supporting account abstraction wallets, and streamlined the integration process. What’s new in the ecosystem? Scams & fraud continue to plague the crypto


Protect your users and stop scams before they hit the chain