Proactive defense for web3 wallets

Product Update: What’s new & what’s coming in Q4

Blowfish helps 25+ wallets protect their users against scams, hacks, & mistakes across 10 blockchains. Blowfish has recently expanded the scope of it’s security platform, started supporting account abstraction wallets, and streamlined the integration process. What’s new in the ecosystem? Scams & fraud continue to plague the crypto industry even


Introducing Blowfish Protect: The Browser Extension that upgrades your Web3 security

Blowfish is offering transaction security to every Ethereum & Polygon user through a free browser extension that works with any web-based wallet. Sign up to download it here. Over the past year, Blowfish has worked with leading wallets to scan over 200 million transactions & keep hundreds of thousands of users safe.


Protect your users and stop scams before they hit the chain