Product Update: What’s new & what’s coming in Q4

Blowfish helps 25+ wallets protect their users against scams, hacks, & mistakes across 10 blockchains. Blowfish has recently expanded the scope of it’s security platform, started supporting account abstraction wallets, and streamlined the integration process.

What’s new in the ecosystem?

Scams & fraud continue to plague the crypto industry even while activity is down overall. Thousands of users a day attempt to visit newly created scam websites. Thousands of those same users are presented with wallet-draining transactions & messages. In the current climate, there’s an opportunity for wallets to embrace security, earn their user’s trust, & greatly strengthen their brand.

What’s new from Blowfish?

Blowfish is building a comprehensive signature security solution; a unified set of APIs that wallets can use to combat spam, scams, & hacks across every chain. Recently, the scope of Blowfish’s offering has expanded to help wallets cover the full user lifecycle.

  1. During a transaction:
    1. Block harmful dapps before a user visits them
    2. Delight users with a simulated preview of their transaction or message
    3. Protect users with a suite of automated warnings
  2. After a transaction:
    1. Display a safe, filtered user transaction history
    2. Resolve customer support tickets with enriched user history
    3. Measure results of your security with transparent dashboards

What are the most important upgrades that Blowfish has shipped?

The biggest updates that Blowfish has shipped recently fit into 3 categories: stronger security, advanced simulation, and expanded features.

Stronger Security

  • Blowfish’s automated warnings are the most comprehensive on the market by combining proprietary risk signal with data from 10+ external providers. Blowfish ingests 3rd party risk signals including domain blocklists (Metamask, Solflare, Phishfort, ScamSniffer), address blocklists (Etherscan, Forta, ScamSniffer), Solana & EVM token lists (Zerion, Polygon, Coingecko, Kleros, 1Inch, MyCrypto, Uniswap, Jupiter, Solflare), & NFT IP infringements (Yakoa).
  • Blowfish’s Dapp domain blocking has improved every month through better scraping, accurate rules-based analysis, and an expanded set of machine-learning models that identify brand impersonations.

Advanced Simulation

  • 95% of EVM messages can now be decoded into human readable simulation results. This includes Seaport, Blur, 0x & 1inch orders, as well at Permit & Permit2. This 95% standard is constantly upheld by monitoring message usage & supporting new popular use cases as they arise.
  • Proper transaction bundle simulations allow wallets to show accurate previews before submitting transaction bundles to private mempool operators like Jito & Flashbots.
  • Compressed NFTs are now fully supported in Solana simulations
  • Historical transaction simulation allows wallets to display a safe, filtered user transaction history to their users instead of showing spam airdrops & poisoned address transactions.

Expanded Features

  • Integration can now be completed in a few days. A new API client & theme-able React UI library make integration & maintenance simple & fast.
  • Optimism and Base are both now supported. If there are other chains that you would like support for, please let us know.
  • Wallet customer support teams of Blowfish protected wallets can now reach ground truth about any loss-of-funds tickets they receive. Blowfish’s new support tool helps teams figure out what warnings & simulation results were shown to an affected user prior to any reported incident.
  • Blowfish protected wallets can now measure their results & change their tactics based on data available directly in transparent dashboards. Blowfish offers security, engineering, and product teams access to data that helps them craft the best experience for their users.

What is Blowfish planning to ship in Q4?

In Q4, Blowfish is doubling down on the products that wallets use and love. Here’s a quick overview of Blowfish’s roadmap broken down into 3 categories.

Stronger Security, Better Simulation, & Robust Reliability

  • Blowfish will be ingesting risk data from even more partners, upgrading machine-learning models, writing new scam-catching rules, decoding more EVM messages, honing simulation across 10 chains, & researching every new user threat identified to make sure Blowfish security & simulation are the best on the market.

Easier Access

  • Account abstraction wallets haven’t had a go-to provider for simulation & security. That has now changed. Blowfish is working with some of the largest AA wallets in the space to provide the tools they need. In Q4, the team will continue building a dedicated tool set for these partners. If you’re building an account abstraction wallet & want to learn more, reach out here.
  • Integration can always be easier. The Blowfish team is working to make the documentation, API client, & theme-able UI even better for wallets. The goal is a full integration in 1 day.

Full User Lifecycle

  • Blowfish has recently expanded its services outside of the transaction signing process in response to wallets identifying new attack surfaces. Wallets identified their portfolio view & transaction history as places where spam tokens, NFTs, and scam entry points can live. In Q4, Blowfish will continue working with wallets to protect users in these 2 problem areas.

We would love to hear from you

If you’re already using Blowfish, the team would love to learn more about your Q4 plans to understand how Blowfish can support you better. The team will be reaching out soon!

If you’re thinking about integrating, but want to learn more, you can set up time with the team to share your use case & requirements and understand if Blowfish might be able to help your users. Or if you would prefer, you can start evaluating & integrating immediately, 100% for free, by grabbing an API key at